Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2012 started with a spectacular fireworks display in London. We watched it a little later online in Canada and were very impressed. We are very excited about the prospects for the BritClub in 2012 and want to build on our success in previous years. We want to make the Britclub the no.1 resource for British immigrants in Canada. But we can't do this without you! Please send in any help/advice/suggestions to make the BritClub the best it can be.

In 2011 we began the BritClub "Directory of things Brits in Canada might be interested in". If you see or hear of anything at all that needs to be added - let us know.

Above all we like to hear you stories of how you came to move to Canada and how the experience has been. The help and advice of long term immigrants is priceless for those new to the country so please share your experiences. Have a fun, healthy and prosperous 2012 and thank you for your support.

About Me was conceived and designed in 2006 by Mick McCafferty who emigrated to St-Lazare, Quebec from Nottingham, England in 2004 with his wife and three children. The purpose of the site is primarily to provide help advice and support to British immigrants in, or about to move to, Canada. Mick also publishes the BritClub Gazette periodically to keep British immigrants informed.