Saturday, November 19, 2011

Emigrating to Canada - What Was Your Biggest Mistake

When you are sitting comfortably in the UK anxiously waiting to fly to Canada to start your new life, everything seems exciting and you can't wait for the challenge to begin.

Often the reality of emigrating, once the novelty has worn off, is much harder than you expected.

What do you think was your biggest mistake when you emigrated?

Mine was not securing a job before I left and arrogantly assuming that my qualifications would be accepted at face value. Often, in Canada, your qualifications are not accepted and you have to take and study for their exams (With a hefty fee attached) before even being considered for a position you would have walked into in the UK.

Click hear to follow link to Bye Bye Blighty for a nice little article concentrating on this common mistake (And some surprising statistics regarding your chances of finding work).

Mick McCafferty
Author of "The Illogical Debtor"

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